About Us


HR Capacity International was founded by Kieth Barends in 2003. Accreditation as a training provider was attained in the same year with the Services SETA. The company is one of four Providers nationally recognised for offering the full qualification, National Certificate In Labour Relations Practices. HR Capacity is also accredited to provide training in HR, Project & Performance Management. The company steadily grew market share in Skills Development by being granted the contract to provide training to Small Business Owners in 2004 by the Services SETA


In 2007/8 the company was approached by Provincial Government (Premiers Office) to train 5 unemployed learners to gain the NC in Labour Relations Practices. The company as part of it’s social responsibility trained a further 5 employees who were all appointed in the LR Divisions of the different Government Departments of the Western Cape. As an industry leader in Labour Relations Management the company was since its entry in the Skills Development arena has capacitated hundreds of learners using a methodology of providing training through qualified industry specialists who pursue quality with passion.

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The company has not only excelled in the corporate and development area but is also providing benchmarked solutions to companies in an unionised environment, by providing Strategic Direction in LR Management. Its methodology is promised on a proper Audit of the company and its environment, followed by focused interventions to realise the strategic goals and the building of mutual partnerships that will effect sustainability and ultimately profitability.

As a partner to Thomas International, HR Capacity provides Psychometric Assessments to determine appropriate workplace behaviour and to test skills for specific jobs to determine the "correct fit" in the Recruitment Process.

The company has partnered with HR Development International, a Dutch company. Keith Barends was mentored by Alex Bunjes, CEO of HR Development in benchmarked practices in 2007 & 2010.

The company also provides expert Employment Equity solutions and Dispute Resolution through a range of offerings such as Preparing & Training of EE Committees, Chairing Independent Dispute enquiries, Preparing Executives for representation at the CCMA / Bargaining Councils and acting as company representative in salary and wage negotiations.