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Employee & Labour Relations

Employee Relations consist of all those areas of human resource management that involve relationships with employees – directly and /or through collective agreements where trade unions are recognised. The company provides expert Employment Relations solutions in Conflict Resolution and Dispute Resolution through a range of offerings

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Labour Relations Training

Supports organisations with practical training for their staff in Labour Relations, linked to changes in strategy, work methods and future requirements of their customers. See our Events calendar for public and in-house workshops

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Human Resource Management

HRC International provides the best human resource advice and management practices in areas of recruitment, selection and promotion of managers and staff. In larger organisations, Human Resource Capacity International support line managers, HR Managers and professionals in areas of staff planning, organisational change, diversity and culture management through its consultation offering.

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Organisational Behaviour

To manage people effectively, it is necessary to understand the factors that affect how people behave at work. HR Capacity International evaluates employees by determining factors such as individual differences, attitudes, influences on behaviour, attribution theory, orientation and role clarification through its professional people and psychometric methodology and assessment

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Organisational Development

HR Capacity International will optimize the arrangements for conducting the affairs of business through a range of benchmarked interventions to realise optimal organisational development.

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Professional Certificate

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